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Scooter Classic 50cc
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50cc Gas Saver Scooter

Welcome to Home of the Scooter

Celebrating 13 years in business! 2002-2015.

We are the oldest and longest standing online scooter company. We are proud to have set many of the standards for online scooter sales. We were the first to offer free residential delivery with lift gate (since 2003); first to offer free lifetime technical support (2002); first to offer fully assembled scooters (since 2007); first to pre-inspect scooters (2008); first to offer extended warranty (2006); first to carry a full inventory of replacement parts (2003); we improved overall packaging for individual shipping (2006); we found many of the production issues and let the factories in China know, helping improve quality industry wide. 

Although our business has changed during this decade plus, the most important things are still here: cheapest prices on top quality scooters, complete inventory of spare parts, friendly and knowledgeable support, quick turnaround, warranty that works, real people, real experience, a scooter company you can trust. 

Looking to buy a fuel efficient scooter? please see our Scooter section.

You came to the right place if you are looking for spare parts for your Chinese scooter including body parts! Please visit our Parts section.

Want a 250cc scooter for sale cheap? Check out our Recession Buster Sale. Prices on all 250cc gas scooter were slashed way low.

50cc Gas Saver Scooter
50cc Street Legal Scooter - Gas saver scooter
$849.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
50cc Carburetor
Scooter replacement parts. Fits most Chinese scooters
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Viper 170cc Touring Scooter
170cc super powerful scooter - On Sale!
$1,749.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Headlight mold SBM
scooter part Headlight mold RR50SBM RoadRunner iScooters
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Retro Moped 170cc KK200RT
Buy scooters online - Retro vespa moped
$1,249.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Neo 170cc Scooter
170cc powerful scooter - Neo for Sale!
$1,349.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
50cc Speedster Scooter
Speedster 50cc Scooter - The speed scooter
$949.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Scooter Classic 50cc
Classic 50cc scooter
More scooter pictures and specs click here
Brake Pads Front TLX scooter
Scooter Part Brake Pads Front 250cc Disk Brake Scooters
More scooter pictures and specs click here
170cc Racer Scooter
Race Scooter 170cc - buy Scooter Online Cheap
$1,275.00 ON SALE
More scooter pictures and specs click here
110cc ATV for kids
ATV for kids 6 to 14 years old - 110cc 4 stroke
$999.00 ON SALE
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oil filter screen
Chinese scooter parts for sale
More scooter pictures and specs click here
150cc battery
Chinese scooter parts for sale
More scooter pictures and specs click here

evosales com Home of the Scooter is an importer / wholesale distributor of scooters, mopeds, trike 3 wheel scooter, ATV, mini dirt bikes, mini choppers, pocket bikes, super pocket bikes, mini motorcycles and gas scooter parts and accessories. This online scooter store has a scooter for everyone. From kid's scooters, ATV, mini dirt bikes and ride on toys to 260cc 4 stroke monster ATVs, dirt bikes, mini choppers for the big kids out there. Our gas scooters get great gas mileage - as much as 120 miles per gallon MPG - if you are looking to save gas money, our scooters are a good alternative and they look great too...

We carry parts for all Chinese scooters sold here cheap! Please see our spare parts category to find body, engine, electric and mechanical replacement parts for all brands.

Please be sure to visit our FAQ section and Scooter title and registration sections for answers to most of your questions. The scooter purchase agreement should also be reviewed prior to buying a scooter.

Save gas money: scooters are fuel efficient vehicles. They get high gas mileage, some more than 100 mpg. A scooter is the way to go if you want to save money on gas.

We ship scooters to ALASKA and HAWAII door to door with lift gate for a flat fee of $329. Please allow up to 4 weeks transit to receive your scooter in Hawaii to your door. Alaska shipping time is about 4 weeks.

Note: When buying your scooter online from evosales com, all credit card orders must have the same bill and ship to. All Paypal orders must be shipped to a confirmed Paypal address. Please contact us by email if you would like your scooter shipped to another address.

Our main business is wholesale scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes, mini choppers, pocket bikes and spare parts for all of them. We also carry some kids electric scooters for sale. We have a direct relationship with motorcycle factories in China. This is how our mini motorcycles sell so cheap. We take pride in knowing and standing behind our products. We take the scooters for a ride ourselves.

Feel free to compare our prices with other scooters com, mopeds com, dirtbikes com and other online and off line scooter stores. If you find a lower price wholesale or retail, you are probably not comparing apples to apples.

We also offer Chinese scooter parts for all brands for cheap prices you won't find anywhere else. Buy replacement parts here. 

Want to see wholesale pocket bikes, scooters, ATV, dirt bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, mini choppers price? Click on the wholesale button to become a scooter distributor. Get instant access to pocket bike wholesale prices and our Wholesale Specials Section. If you buy 3 or more bikes, your order qualifies for wholesale - evosales com is the online scooter super store.
Gas scooter dealerships available. We speak Spanish and French too.

To best view the pocket bikes movies, pictures and videos in this online motor scooter store, please set you monitor to maximum resolution. 1024X768 or better recommended.

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