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Buy scooters online cheap! Race mopeds available. Free shipping on every scooter in this category.

We offer the best quality motor scooters from RoadRunner iScooters. 50cc scooters start under $900, 150cc starts under $1050. Check out the movie of the race scooter from RoadRunner, the 250cc water cooled i-scooter. This  fast scooter will do 85MPH! There are also videos of other i-scooters like the 250cc touring scooter and the 50cc classic moped.

Our selection varies from 50cc to 250 cubic centimeters scooters. Typical fuel economy for a 50cc 4 stroke scooter is over 100 miles per gallon - MPG. They are the perfect vehicle for shot to medium distances. 150cc and larger motor scooters are legal on the freeways as well. Some racing models have top speeds of over 80 miles per hour - MPH.

All of the motor scooters for sale in this section are street legal in every state. They all have EPA approval and are DOT compliant; come with a certificate of origin, must be insured and registered. Some states require a motorcycle license to ride some of these motor scooters and mopeds. Please check with your local DMV or Sheriff station before you buy your motor scooter. Scooters, mopeds and i-scooters that are not street legal in California - no CARB certificate - are clearly marked in the specifications (check towards the bottom).

Available street legal motor scooters:

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Note on fuel economy:

If high gas prices have been hard on your wallet, a scooter may be a good alternative vehicle. The scooters and mopeds offered on this site are suitable for daily commute. We recommend a 250cc scooter for daily commutes that are over 10 miles each way or include interstate or highway.

A 50cc scooter gets about 100 MPG. A 150cc scooter gets 70 to 80 miles per gallon. A 250cc scooter will get about 50 to 65MPG. A scooter can quickly pay for it self with gas savings. If you spend more than $150 in gas per month, a scooter can help you cut $100 or more out of that.

Wholesale scooters information:

Want to buy gas scooters, mopeds, motorcycles or street legal dirt bikes wholesale, need more than 2 pieces, buying for a group? Fill out the wholesale application and become a scooter dealer.

Please be sure to check out our other categories on your left for more great scooters, mini choppers, super bikes, ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles at cheap online prices.
Please see our international section for more information on ordering for other countires.

Scooter buying tips:

1. Check the company's reputation. It's easy to run a company check on the BBB or go to scooter forums (like and see what people have to say about the company. Just go to or your favorite search engine and search "scooter forum evosales" to find out what people have to say about us. There will be some good and some bad comments on any company. It is important to see how severe the  bad comments are and how the company resolved the issue.

2. Check the particular scooter model. Same thing as above, go to put RoadRunner scooter forum and see what comes up. Some companies may be reputable but have one or two models that are not as good quality as the others. Search for reviews on the scooter as well.

3. Make sure you read the company's scooter terms of sale and warranty. Our policy is very complete and covers most aspects of the transaction. Beware of companies that do not spell out what happens in every situation. Do not leave anything to imagination, call the company and ask. What happens if your scooter is damaged in shipping or if the wrong item is received?

4. Read the warranty and make sure what it covers and what it does not is clearly spelled out. Find out how scooter parts are sent out.

5. Speak to the company. Make sure you are not dealing with a company that is not really there...

6. Pay by credit card or paypal. This is the best way to protect yourself from companies who commit fraud.

About the BBB: the Better Business Bureau is a business that rates companies and mediate complaints. The most important information to look at when checking out scooter dealers and distributors are how complaints were answered to, how long the company has been in business and the company's overall rating score.

Scooter parts:

Please visit our scooter parts store if you need parts for your scooter click here.

We carry a full line of parts for all the scooters we sell. Scooter parts are available retail as well as wholesale.


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