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Hydroponic 8x12 vegetable kit - High yield organics

8x12 Hydroponic Vegetable Growing Kit
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Name: 8x12 Hydroponic Vegetable Growing Kit
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Serial Number: 8x12UFF
Manufacturer Name: Urban Food Farms hydroponic systems

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8x12 Hydroponic Vegetable Growing Kit 8x12 Hydroponic Vegetable Growing Kit 8x12 Hydroponic Vegetable Growing Kit

Complete outdoors hydroponic organic vegetable plants kit

High yield, grows 6x more veg plants in the ground!

Attention city farmers who are serious about their urban farming, this outdoors hydroponic system grows vegetable, fruit and herb plants year round. It offers 92 feet of growing and can house over 200 plants. Thanks to a high efficiency greenhouse, automated irrigation and fertilization and coco coir soil-less based growing, this food farm produces an abundance of crops. The perfect hydroponic system for the family who wants to be more self-sustaining, reduce its carbon footprint and save money in the process. Urban Food Farms has taken the guess work out of urban farming. Once installed, this hydroponic system takes minimal maintenance (about 1 hour per week) and requires no prior vegetable growing experience.

  • Complete hydroponic organic vegetable kit
  • Installs in any full-sun flat space (garden, backyard, rooftop, parking lot...)
  • Soil-less growing in coco coir
  • Grows organic vegetables year round in all climate zones
  • Houses over 200 vegetable plants
  • Produces organic waste only
  • All unused water is saved (can be used in the garden or recycled with a pump)
  • Uses no electricity in warm zones like Los Angeles
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Tolerant system, resists disease, forgives mistakes
  • Minimal bugs and pest to deal with
  • Reduces household carbon footprint
  • Helps make household more self-sustaining
  • Eat fresh organic vegetables off the vine minutes after picking, not days

The hydroponic vegetable plant system comes complete with the following:  
  • High efficiency 8x8 clear polycarbonate greenhouse with double doors
  • 2 automatic vents (do not use electricity)
  • 10 hydroponic channels (gutters), 92 feet total with all legs and brackets
  • Pre-cut drip irrigation system
  • Water timer
  • Fertilizer tank
  • Full drainage water recuperation system
  • All trellising wires, hooks and rollers
  • Certified organic coco coir growing medium
  • Container growing boxes to fit the hydroponic channels
  • Fitted light diffusing shade cloth
  • Mesh 50 screen for the vents and curtain for the door
  • Certified organic neem oil spray
  • Certified organic water soluble fertilizer (fish based)
  • Seeding tray and heating pad
  • Floor tarp
  • Choice of fully organic or F1 hybrid seeds
  • Calculated floor layout and plant rotation program according to plants ordered
Door delivery included in the price. Installation not included. Professional assembly and maintenance plan available in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Installation on a wood deck is recommended but not required. A wood frame is needed if a deck is not used. 



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About the hydroponic vegetable kit installation:

It is not difficult to install this hydroponic kit but it is time consuming. All in all, the process takes 2 people between 2 and 2.5 days. The green house takes about 10 hours, the hydroponic channels take about 4 and the rest of the time is spent on installing the irrigation and water recuperation systems as well as hydrating the coco bags.

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