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Save gas scooter 50cc Economy
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Save Gas high MPG 50cc scooter for sale online cheap

Save gas scooter 50cc Economy
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Name: Save gas scooter 50cc Economy
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Serial Number: Economy Moped RR50SBM i-scooter
Manufacturer Name: RoadRunner
Stock Status: In Stock

Save gas scooter 50cc Economy Save gas scooter 50cc Economy Save gas scooter 50cc Economy

Fuel Economy Series - Save gas in style - 50cc Economy Scooter 102 MPG 40 MPH

This is really an unbeatable deal. If you are looking for a reliable, fully loaded, 3.3HP 50cc 2007 model scooter that does 35-40MPH, gets a fuel economy over 100 MPG, comes with trunk, alarm with remote, cover, front disk lock and a 2 year power train warranty, delivered to your door with a lift gate for the cheapest price on the internet; look no further, you found it. The save gas moped is very nice to ride, it doesn't vibrate and has plenty of power; you can't find a better value moped to buy online. To top it all, this scooter is delivered with the front wheel assembled so you do not have to worry about how complicated it is to install the brake and the axle on your scooter.

This Economy Moped is made by RoadRunner iScooters. You can expect the best from RoadRunner. iScooters are scooters specially designed and manufactured to be sold online. They have special packaging to avoid damage and missing pieces, every scooter is tested (real test ride, not just started) at the factory, customers get free tech support from the manufacturer, it comes with a high quality low maintenance battery that is warrantied for 1 year. The scooter is delivered to your door with a lift gate and every effort is made to make sure you will not encounter any problem getting it started.

This scooter is street legal in all 50 States, California included.

50cc scooter RoadRunner iScooter 2007 model RR50SBM Specifications:


Engine type

Air cooled, 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, 2 valves

Bore X stroke

39mm X 41.5 mm

Compression ratio


Rated output

2.4kW 3.3 HP) @ 7500 RPM

Max speed

65 km/h (40 mph)

Max torque

3.0 NM @6000 RPM (2.21 lb/ft)


Single 78 mm carburetor with automatic choke


Continuously Variable (CVT) fully automatic

Final Drive

669 mm Belt

Sparkplug type

A7RTC / .6-0.7MM gap

Fuel consumption

2.3 L/100km (102 MPG)


12 V / 5 Ah low maintenance


Gas tank capacity

5.8 liter (1.5 gal)

Fuel type

Premium 89 + octane only

Oil capacity / type

.85 liter / 15W/40 motorcycle grade

Oil change

1st 300km, every 1000km thereafter

Gear oil cap/type

0.12L / 85W-140 synthetic

Gear oil change

1st 1000km, every 3000km thereafter


Front fork

393 mm hydraulic 90 mm travel

Front brake

Single disk brake (drum shown, scooter comes w/disk brake)

Optional front brake

160 mm diam. disk 3.5MM pistons caliper ABS - NOT AVAILABLE

Front tire / rim

0/100-10 / MT2.15X 10 Aluminimum

Rear suspension

50 mm travel, adjustable

Rear brake

110 mm diam 2.0 mm drum brake

Rear tire / rim

80/100-10 / MT2.15 X 10

Weights & dims:

Dry weight

81 kg (178 lb)

Max load

136 kg (300 lb)

Wheel base

118 cm (46.45 inches)

Total length

167 cm (66 inches)

Seat height

75 cm (30 inches)

Handlebar height

105 cm (41 inches)



Remote start



Scooter cover




Free shipping w/lift gate in lower 48 States


20 min: uncrate, handlebars, mirrors, battery, trunk

Street legal

In every state including CA. Check local law.

Mfg. warranty

24 months power train parts only

Please select the color scooter you want below. Please also select a 2nd color. If we don't have your first choice, we will ship the second choice.
We will contact you if we have neither color choice.

If you absolutely only want one color, you may select the same color in the 2nd color choice. Please note that selecting the same scooter color in both choices may delay your order.



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Buying a scooter online can be a difficult decision. A RoadRunner iScooter is the best choice when buying a scooter online. Just the way the iScooters are packaged is already an enormous advantage. The statistics are clear, RoadRunner iScooters are 90% less likely to sustain major shipping damage. See the scooter buying tips article for more information on how to buy a scooter online.

About the MPG gas savings with this scooter: the RoadRunner iScooter RR50SBM advertised on this page has a verified fuel consumption of more than 100 mpg (100 + miles per gallon). These results were achieved on a test vehicle with 3000 km on the odometer. Actual results may vary but should be no more than +/- 10% except on a brand new scooter. The key to optimum fuel consumption and performance is to properly break in the engine. A proper break in means keeping the scooter at speeds below 15MPH for the first 300km, then another 300 at no more than 20 and another 400 at less than 25. As a bonus, scooters that are properly broken in are usually up to 5 miles per hour faster than those that were not and have a useful life 10 to 20% longer. You will get many years of enjoyment from this scooter if you do the above and follow the maintenance schedule.

A 50cc scooter like this one is perfect for people with a daily commute of 10 miles or less. 50cc scooters are intended for surface street use only. They are not legal on any interstate and should not be ridden in roads with a speed limit higher than 40MPH.

The RR50SBM is suitable for delivery personnel as well as for rental.

Want to buy scooters wholesale? Please visit our wholesale scooter section and fill out the wholesale scooter application.The minimum order is only 3 pieces and they can be any combination of the fine scooters offered on this site. Please visit the Scooter Moped section to see all of the available scooters.

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